Adoption Checklist for Healthcare Workers

When a woman is admitted to the hospital in active labor, determine if an adoption plan is already in place.

When NO PLAN is yet in place:

Remember, a woman can still make an adoption plan for her baby during labor or after birth. It’s never too late!

  • Call the National Adoption Hotline to request appropriate paperwork and speak with an Adoption Professional: 1-800-923-6602.
  • Assist patient in completing the required paperwork to begin the adoption process.
  • Fax or email the patient’s paperwork back to the adoption professional.
  • Proceed as below. An adoption plan is now in place.

When THERE IS already an adoption plan in place:

  • Contact the adoption professional involved.
  • Stay in touch with adoption professionals by phone.
  • Review patient’s preferences with hospital personnel, including night staff, regarding an adoption plan.
  • Honor the patient’s wishes regarding her hospital plan, involvement of the adoptive parents, and postpartum preferences for a private room, in accordance with hospital policy.
  • Help the patient prepare hospital release form for her baby to leave the hospital with the adoptive parents of her choice.
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